COVID Diaries: Day 316

Another long long week…  Another weekend!  Except I have a meeting in the morning on my day off because I wasn’t quite able to get to everything I needed to get done.  Sigh…  Cora doesn’t mind; she just likes that I’m home.

The COVID cases here continue to be high, so unfortunately the lockdown continues, even as most other states are lifting theirs.  Our surge started after the new lockdown went into effect, so let’s just think on that for a moment…  I’m tired.  The vaccine rollout is a mess; our county has literally no vaccine at all.

We got about a flake and a half of snow this week before it petered out and the sun came out.  I think I would have preferred a foot of snow!  I mean I work from home anyway, so why not?

The weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day my friend and I went on a little Sunday Funday jaunt nearby.  We found an old ship from 1917 that was scrapped and turned into a breakwater in the 1960s.  The trees growing out of it are pretty tall!  I’ve lived here all my life and had no idea this was close by until I was searching around for fun oddities to go see.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and we had a great time!  It was so refreshing to have good weather in January! That made lunch outside tolerable, maybe even nice?  The fish and chips certainly lifted my spirits!

We also spent some time exploring a nearby state park that I’ve driven by a million times, but rarely stop at.  We walked the beach and hiked to a view of the Deception Pass Bridge.  What an incredible day!

I started a new puzzle, but haven’t made it very far.  The panorama format makes it look so small, even though it is 750 pieces!

I was thinking on life the other day and came up the idea to pass along some words of wisdom.  I mean, I’ve done a lot of living; it’s nice to think I might have learned something along the way.  Some will be mine, but I might share snippets from others too (attributed of course).  So here you go!

COVID Words of Wisdom:  If you are lucky enough to have a woman who tells you what she needs, make sure you listen and at least try to deliver. If you don’t, she won’t stop needing it, but she will stop needing it from you.

14 thoughts on “COVID Diaries: Day 316

    • I’m sorry to hear that. That was a huge factor in the end of my marriage as well, although his addiction played a big part. Honestly, his addiction probably drove his apathy. I hope your new life is more satisfying!

      • Since I was married to an alcoholic I most certainly agree that there’s a connection. I’m still working on getting him out of my life, which I thought was what we both wanted though he keeps sending me odd texts. I don’t reply to them anymore, except for the odd one where it sounded like he might be finally willing to get up off his apathetic drunk ass and make me a decent offer for division of assets and income, which he finally did. Perhaps the end is in sight. Along with the world opening up a bit more this should certainly make a more satisfying new life much more possible.

      • Thankfully, my assets were all divided, although it did take us a year and a half after we separated because of his ridiculous demands. My ex also still occasionally texts me when he (I assume) is drunk, and I ignore them. They flip back and forth between nostalgia and kind wishes for my happiness, and berating me for various things. It’s tiring, because he has no reason to contact me. I hope that you are able to be done with yours soon. It will be a relief.

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