COVID Diaries: Day 254

It’s the Thanksgiving edition; ok, so I’m a day late – whatever…

When we started this COVID lockdown thing, it was just after St. Patrick’s Day.  That’s a lot of celebrating not being done this year, and it’s just getting started…

So in light of Thanksgiving, I decided to do a post about what I’m thankful for, because it certainly isn’t all the wild and exotic travel locations I have visited this year!

  1. My family and friends, even if I don’t really see them much lately…  The holidays remind me how much I miss my dad, but I have other dear friends and family that I cherish, and I am grateful for them.
  2. I have saved so much money on gas and car maintenance this year!
  3. Mild weather.  I have said this before, but it’s rarely cold enough, hot enough or rainy enough that you can’t go outside in the Pacific Northwest.  When you are cooped up at home the way we have been for so much of this year, the opportunity to walk and hike is certainly something to be thankful for. 
  4. Kindness.  It seems that there are an awful lot of people who have not been kind this year, and that makes it stick out more when I encounter kindness.  It’s been a hard year on all of us, and the ranting, lectures and venom don’t help.  I hope people do a bit of soul searching and try to get back to that basic value.
  5. Cora.  She keeps me sane and laughing, whether it’s sticking her butt in my face while demanding dinner (at 3 in the afternoon), “helping” me with a puzzle, or snuggling at night, it’s been nice to have someone who listens to my monologues and doesn’t judge the fact that I’m talking to myself.
  6. Canned wine and hard cider.  These are so much easier to take on a mountain hike and a summit reward!  I’m no longer limited to hiking with beer!
  7. The critters in my yard.  My work from home months are more bearable when I have the deer, woodpeckers, squirrels, bunnies and other birds stopping by to keep me company.
  8. A strong real estate market.  I’m holding out hope that my appreciating home will mean I can retire earlier, when I sell and move someplace cheaper, mortgage free!
  9. My health.  I’m healthy and strong and grateful that my body sustains me through the physical activity I enjoy doing.
  10. My imagination.  It reminds me that we will get through COVID eventually, and there will be travel, camping, adventure and sightseeing to resume doing at that time.  Until then, a girl can dream…

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, whatever it looked like, and that you are safe and healthy throughout the holiday season.


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