COVID Diaries: Day 242

Just like that, starting tomorrow at midnight, we are locked down again…

No more:

  • Indoor gatherings
  • Indoor dining
  • Museums
  • Bowling
  • Indoor zoos
  • And… No Thanksgiving outside of your own house…

That’s all well and good if you have a family at home, but what a draconian measure for those who live alone…  I know an awful lot of people who live alone, even if you don’t, everybody has COVID fatigue.  Let me just say, I’m thinking there are going to be an awful lot of covert Thanksgivings this year…  Happy holidays!




3 thoughts on “COVID Diaries: Day 242

  1. COVID fatigue is right. You know, for a nation that allegedly wants to improve our approach to acknowledging the importance of mental health, we sure don’t actually consider it much. Hang in there!

    • I have thought a lot about this. Our state health department announced back in April or May that they expected 25% of our population to have a mental health crisis this fall. That’s about 2 MILLION People. Stats also show that the suicide rate increases about 1% for each 1% increase in the unemployment rate, based on data that the government has been keeping since the Great Depression. The overdose rate is up, domestic violence is up, and the rate of child abuse is up. Yet the media is silent on all of this…

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