COVID Diaries: Day 207

Last weekend I got to have what was probably the last the last hurrah of mountain hiking before the pass closes, the snow falls and I am confined to the lowlands until next year’s season.

Audrey, Jena and I spent a fabulous day hike at Blue Lake, a spectacular out and back hike with views of the larches. Larches are one of the only types of conifers that lose their needles in the winter, so they give a beautiful fall color show. Blue Lake did not disappoint – it certainly deserves its own post!

We stayed the night in Winthrop, one of Washington’s small mountain theme towns. We poked around and enjoyed the warm, sunny weather, and laughed more than I have in a while. Good girlfriends soothe the soul.

This weekend has been quiet – just yard work and housework. There’s always a project or two at home that I should be doing!

6 thoughts on “COVID Diaries: Day 207

      • That was something new, so you are told to stay within your own county? Aren’t some of them really small and others huge?

        Here in Sweden the government has only been recommending us to stay within driving distance from home in case we get sick. And even that recommendation was lifted during the summer, meaning that we could do a road trip to the far north (that is north of the arctic circle) 🙂

      • Yes. In my state, it goes by county; there are 39 counties in Washington State. The next county is about 20 minutes drive south. Technically the way the mandate is written, with a phased system, you aren’t supposed to travel outside of your own county, unless it is “essential”.

        Of course, these mandates were issued by the Governor and not the legislature so he doesn’t really have the ability to enforce it, since they aren’t laws. Over the 6+ months that we have been locked down, it seems that most people have just begun to ignore the mandates and go where they want…

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