COVID Diaries: Day 49

I have one more day of my work-from-home workweek and then I get a three day weekend!  To stay home.  But at least the weather is going to be sunny and warm!  I’m planning to work on cleaning the winter gunk off the deck in the mornings and lay on the deck with a book and some wine in the afternoon!

This evening I ventured out for the periodic shopping trip for me and mom.  Mom wanted peach yogurts, but they only had three so I got her a strawberry one.  Apparently strawberry yogurt is terrible so I am now the proud owner of one strawberry yogurt.  The caramel praline ice cream will work in place of regular caramel though…  There’s always something she wants that sends me up and down the aisle at least 5 times searching; this time it was a package of fun-sized candies.  She is probably cursing me right now as she reads this – giving away her secrets!

My neighbor dug up and divided their Shasta Daisies and put some clumps out by the mailboxes, so I lugged a big clump home, divided it up into sections and planted it in a few spots around the yard.  It was hard work digging holes, but maybe I’ll have some new flowers at the end of the summer!  This is me having a rest after all the digging…

And finally, it’s about time to do another evening walk up to the University to catch the sunset.  It’s been a bit…  This photo is from last week, but the sky was so pretty I had to share!

I hope you are all having a good week!  What’s keeping you sane?


4 thoughts on “COVID Diaries: Day 49

  1. You’ve been busy around the house. Hope the daisies reward you with flowers. I put out a few plants and brought in all but one, because our forecast is for 23 degrees this weekend. Spring always seemed too short before this year. Enjoy your time off!

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