COVID Diaries: Day 30

I’ve discovered that the “new normal” changes daily.  Since my last COVID update, I have “attended” another remote Board meeting, had a happy hour virtually with girlfriends, and conducted an entire consultant selection process via video conference.  I even put on a nicer sweater and top for that round of video meetings, but paired that with yoga pants and slippers.  There’s no point in getting fancy on bottom during work-from-home days…  I was happy to see the process go well though.

I’m thankful that not only am I an essential worker, but that I have the luxury to do my work from home.  I’m not worried about losing my job, or being exposed on a daily basis, or not being able to pay my bills.  I’m incredibly fortunate.  I’m tired though – there isn’t any slowing of the work I do, so I’m tired.  I don’t sleep very well either, so there’s that…

I’m disappointed by all the partisan blame game and how many people buy into it, on both sides.  I can’t say I’m surprised, because it is just a continuation of the same old, but I really wish some people would give “the other side” the benefit of the doubt.  Can’t we just believe that everyone is doing the best they can, given a myriad of problems we are facing?  Are we going to get some things right?  Yep.  Are we going to get some things wrong?  Absolutely.  There isn’t exactly a playbook for this kind of scenario – even health department officials who have spent years preparing for a pandemic are still having to make educated guesses on whether a particular measure will be effective.  Perhaps we would all be best served by letting go of our judgment and the erroneous beliefs that the “enemy” has some ulterior motive and the other side would do everything right.  Easy enough to armchair quarterback when you aren’t the one responsible for the decisions…  But that’s enough of my soapbox…

People are stressed out and grieving, and sometimes that means they react badly.  I’m no different.  I miss being around people.  I miss hugs.  I miss going out for happy hour and dinner with a girlfriend.  I miss being able to go for a weekend getaway.  I’m lonely.  People complain about being stuck at home with their kids or their annoying partner, but when you live alone, it’s hard.  What I wouldn’t give to have a in-person conversation with someone, snuggled up on the couch with a glass of wine.  It isn’t the same through a screen.  I still don’t have loads of extra time to get projects done, and I’m trying to be sensitive to all those people who are risking their safety every time someone goes into a store to buy house paint.  Especially during allergy season.  Does that cough mean I’m going to spread the virus!???

It’s ok to be grieving.  It’s ok to feel this loss, even if there are others who are sacrificing and suffering differently.

There are some silver linings to this pandemic, and I’m going to focus on those.  Here are a few:

  • My gasoline bill is waaaayyy down.  In fact I got gas a month ago, and still have 3/4 of a tank.  My commute is approximately 10 seconds.
  • I’m getting my steps in everyday!
  • I get to sleep in!  Even if I have to roll into “the office” at 8 am sharp (which I don’t really) I could get up at 7:30 and be showered and have breakfast and walk the 20 feet over to my desk!
  • I have been able to do in-depth research on my toilet paper consumption.  One roll lasts 6-7 days, in case you were wondering.
  • I’m making progress on drinking through my backlog of miscellaneous tea.  Although let’s be real, I still probably won’t ever go for the Chamomile.
  • I’m low maintenance anyway; I don’t color my hair, get manis or pedis, have my eyelashes done, get Botox, or any of the other myriad of beauty things that people are going without.
  • I don’t have to dress up!  My work is fairly casual anyway, but if I put on a decent top for the Monday night remote Board meeting, I’m set for the week!
  • Cora loves having me home.
  • I’m saving money on eating out and travel expenses.  That combined with not having my horse’s expenses anymore means I can save more for retirement – and buy low!
  • I’m safe and healthy and so is my mom!

I hope you are all safe and healthy and well.  We will get through this together, but separate!

How has your COVID experience been so far?





9 thoughts on “COVID Diaries: Day 30

  1. We are doing well in western NC. Our county now has four confirmed cases of the virus; no deaths yet. John and I still take our daily walk, so I don’t really feel confined to the house. I can understand your being lonely. We are blessed that grandson David is here with us, bringing liveliness to our days. We’ve been porch-sitting with neighbors. It’s possible that we’ve talked with neighbors more this season than ever before. Of course, we stay outside and keep our distance. Most of our family and friends are either retired or able to keep working. Aren’t you glad you took your trip before this hit????

    • I’m so glad to hear this! Our county has 271 cases and 25 deaths, but the rise seems to be leveling off. Most of my friends are either essential or able to easily work from home – most of my friends are “knowledge” workers like me so that makes it easier.

      I have certainly thought about that fact that my trip was well timed, given all this! I wouldn’t have been able to go had it happened this year!

  2. Glad to hear you are hanging in there. I am, too, but I confess I’m battling the blues a little bit. And the partisanship is getting to me, too. I haven’t snoozed so many Facebook friends since the last presidential election. My heart just cannot take it.We are just all trying to do our best.

    • I take it day by day; some are easier than others. It’s good to hear that others have similar feelings; always nice to not be the only one. It just seems that the folks to want to participate in the blame game always have a rebuttal (and it’s usually a meme or a share!) so it doesn’t make any sense to even try to engage in a rational discussion with someone who doesn’t even do their own research and just relies one someone else’s opinion.

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