Two Weeks of Healing

It’s been 15 days today since my surgery…  I’m healing…

I have definitely lost the brain fog of the anesthesia, but I’m still uncomfortable enough that I don’t sleep great.  I don’t sleep terribly, but it isn’t generally that “dead to the world” deep sleep that leaves us feeling so refreshed.  I’m hoping to get more of that.  Of course, days of high winds don’t help.  I never sleep well in the wind…

Most of the time I just feel a fairly low level discomfort in my belly.  Having my clothes rubbing on my skin is irritating.  Sneezing hurts.  Coughing hurts…  I really don’t want to catch a cold…  Sunday I felt some pretty severe nerve pain.  It was inside my tissues, not outside on my skin, but I can only describe it as a really bad sunburn inside, and then having someone rub it with sandpaper.  Ouch…  I took one of the good drugs that night.

And let’s talk drugs for a minute.  I mean, I am not dismissing the opioid epidemic and all that, but it has made it so nice, average, non-addicted people like me can’t even get a painkiller now and again without being made to feel like we are drug-seeking.  I was prescribed 15 pills of the lowest dose oxycodone when I was discharged from the hospital.  The dosing is 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours for pain.  If I actually took them as prescribed, but at the high end of the dosage, I would have been done with the pills in slightly over 1 day.  1 day.  That’s all you get of the heavy-duty painkillers for a major abdominal surgery.

At my one-week check with my doctor she asked me how the pain was and I mentioned that I had been taking one pill to get to sleep at night.  She made a comment about how I really ought to be moving away from taking them.  I had literally taken 7 pills…  I know I have a really high pain tolerance.  What about some poor soul who doesn’t?  The system is broken when this is what it comes down to.

I’m back working from home now too; it’s nice to have a job that can accommodate that when I need it.  It allows me to work a bit and then rest, move around and maybe take a nap.  It is definitely easier than having to be back in the office, especially since I can’t wear pants with buttons…

I’m getting there!  And I’d rather be here…

Rainier in View

14 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Healing

  1. Slowly, but surely and easy does it and hopefully normal living will soon be on the horizon. Regarding the opioid crisis it has even reached here in the UK, but not sure if it has affected actual prescribing guidelines as yet.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re still having a rough time – I hope you start to feel better soon and especially hope you are able to get some restful sleep coming up. I’d rather be in that picture too! 🙂

  3. I’d rather be there, too. I hear you about the pain medication. When I had my surgery I only took the “good stuff” for the first day because opioids give me tremendous headaches. Recovery without them is no joke. It can be done, but it take a lot longer and it is incredibly unpleasant. I’m glad everything went smoothly and you are on the mend. Hoping you are back to your old self before you know it!

    • I can’t imagine not being able to just take one when the pain got bad. I’m lucky though, in that I don’t have any of the unpleasant side effects. I just have to wait until I’m able to just fall asleep, because they do make me very drowsy. But that’s fine when you are at home recovering – napping is all good!

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