London 2018: Trafalgar and some Pie

Day 6, Friday, June 29, 2018

After our tour of the Ben Franklin House, we walked over to Trafalgar Square.  We checked out the buskers and the chalk artists.  Some of them had a lot of talent and creativity!

We wandered through the National Gallery for a bit; I loved that London has so many free art and culture museums.  It was so cool.  We barely scratched the surface, spending about an hour wandering the galleries and checking out the art.  You could easily spend days there, but we were there at the end of the day, and you can only do so much museum wandering before you get worn out.

The National Gallery


A tiger at the National Gallery

After the National Gallery, we found the Admiralty Pub, where Brandon was waiting for us because he got museumed out before the rest of us.  The Admiralty had an awesome special, where you could get three sample sized beers and three pies for 18.95 pounds!  All four of us got the same special and then we all decided which beer and which pie were our favorites.  One thing is clear.  I am not a fan of English beer.  It’s too flat and generally too warm for my taste.  Mostly on this trip, I drank cider.  The pies were excellent though!

The pie trio included Steak and London Pride, with carmelized shallots, button mushrooms and thyme, Sweet Potato and Mature Stilton with wilted spinach, nutmeg, baby onions and rosemary, and Chicken Tikka Masala, with coconut, coriander and toasted almonds.  The beers were London Pride, ESB and Frontier.  My favorite was the sweet potato pie, with the steak pie coming in second.  The others favored the Chicken Tikka Masala pie. It was cool to be able to try different styles and flavors, instead of committing to just one.  It was a great meal!

My pie and beer trio at the Admiralty Pub

We headed back to the hotel on the tube and got there a little after 9; it was another good day.

Tube Stations:  Charing Cross to Earl’s Court (hotel)
Costs: The National Gallery – free, dinner at the Admiralty Pub – beer and pie trio 18.95 pounds, plus a cider.
Fitbit Steps: 14,550 (5.56 miles)


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