Circus Trip 2018: Blowout

So it happened. Only not specifically to me. After 13,000 miles on the road with no incidents, I am sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

Only it isn’t my car; I am waiting with my friend and a blown out tire.

Into every life, I guess a few metal brackets that you don’t see lying in the road must fall.

7 thoughts on “Circus Trip 2018: Blowout

  1. I hate that for your friend 😦 It happened to us on a West Virginia Highway, going up the mountain. Trying to change a tire with semitrucks squeezing by is the scariest thing I’ve ever done lol

    • UGH! That would have been so scary! We didn’t have the right tool to lower the spare from underneath the truck, but once we got home he was able to put the spare on. It just meant a few hours of the day got sucked away dealing with it, but in the grand scheme of things…

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