London 2018: Housekeeping and Jetlag

Day 1, Sunday, June 24, 2018

We arrived at Heathrow at 10:15 am on Sunday morning, June 24th, customs was non-eventful, although I think our customs agent was skeptical that we were all just friends…  We checked out the tourist kiosk, but they didn’t sell the London Pass that we wanted.  Once we purchased our Oyster cards (the London subway pass), and figured out which subway line we needed to get on, we were on our way!

Our room wasn’t quite ready when we got to the hotel, so we stashed our suitcases in the closet, freshened up a bit, put our suitcases in the room because it was now ready, and then headed out to work off our jet lag.  We couldn’t go to sleep too early or we wouldn’t get onto London time, which is 8 hours ahead of the West Coast!

Me, no makeup, no sleep, not bad…

Lunch was Indian at a restaurant called Masala Zone.  I had the Chicken Tikka with basmati rice – it was soooo good!  We also had naan and popadoms with mango, mint/cilantro and tomato based chutney sauces.  Our lunch was delicious, and we were tired, but we couldn’t rest or else we would all fall asleep!

Our next stop was at the London Pass Office in Leicester Square.  We had priced out the things that we wanted to do and whether it was a good deal to buy the London Pass.  There are several options for the number of days that the pass is good for, and after doing some research, we realized that we wanted the 10-day pass.

We went through the National Portrait Gallery, which is right in the neighborhood, and saw some interesting art.  They have portraits from back through history right up through modern day.

National Portrait Gallery

Next we went to Covent Garden.  We went through the markets, clowned around, bought London Christmas ornaments, and I bought some English tea for people back home.

We saw some buskers, and then went to Mr. Fogg’s Tavern for a mid-day cocktail pick me up – I had hard cider.

We had a beer and cider there

There was so much stuff going on with that ceiling!

The whole day we all alternated between fading and wanting to go to bed, and getting a second wind, each at different times. We got back to the room at about 7:30 and skipped dinner – I went to sleep about 8:45. I managed to stay up late enough to get rid of the jet lag!

Tube Stations: Earl’s Court (hotel), Leicester Square (London Pass office)

Costs: Oyster Card – 50 pounds.  London Pass – 184 pounds for the 10-day pass.  Note: the London Pass is sold at the tourist kiosk at Heathrow Airport, but they don’t sell the 10-day option there.
Other Costs: National Portrait Gallery (free), Lunch, Souvenirs

FitBit Steps: Almost 11,000 (I had to jump around on the room a little bit to get to my goal)


5 thoughts on “London 2018: Housekeeping and Jetlag

  1. Hope you have a good time, once you are rested. We need to swop the 8 hour difference; I am still falling asleep by 8pm and waking at 1am lol

  2. Hi Camille,
    Looks like a great trip! I really like your blog. I had no clue you were so into travel, and wine. We actually have a lot in common. Well, hope all is good. Profite de la vie!


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