Circus Trip 2018: A Tale of Kindness

I was driving through the desert northwest of Las Vegas headed toward Death Valley National Park when I got a text from my aunt in Michigan. She was asking if I knew what I had lost in Salem, Massachusetts and telling me she had it. What?! I was so confused.

I pulled over for a few so I could get the rest of the story. Apparently I had dropped a camera memory card near the lighthouse in Salem and a man from Florida found it. But how did he find my aunt in Michigan?

The camera card had photos of the watertower in Galesburg, Michigan, a Kalamazoo mural, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and my grandparents grave.  There was also a photo of me, my cousin, and our grandma sitting around the table. My grandma passed away in 2016 but my aunt, uncle and cousin still live in Galesburg.

The Galesburg Watertower


Me (hamming it up), my grandma, and my cousin Megan

Somehow, with these photos, the man found my family’s church’s Facebook page and sent the photo of me, my cousin and grandma to them.  A woman at the church recognized my cousin and contacted my aunt, who has been following my road trip and knew it could only be my memory card. The man mailed it to Michigan.

I have now been reunited with my memory card.  From Washington, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan and now California… It doesn’t contain photos of my epic road trip, as I have been using the same card since Pennsylvania.  All the photos on the card are from 2014, and are safely backed up on my computer and external hard drive at home.

At a minimum though, it reminds me that there are good people in the world who will go out of their way to do something kind for someone they have never even met. And that is pretty incredible.

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