Circus Trip 2018: Rain rain go away

I thought Utah was a desert??? But noooo… I got into Utah on Friday afternoon, with a late in the day visit to Hovenweep National Monument.

Hovenweep is remote. And incredible. The two and a half mile easy loop walk takes you past a dozen or so ancient Puebloan structures. You can stand right next to them!

I camped at the campground there and shortly after I arrived, Carol texted to say she was there too! We met at Mesa Verde that morning and she was planning to head to Monument Valley but decided to come to Hovenweep first!!

We shared a bottle of wine in the dark and sat at the picnic table staring at the most incredible dark starry sky I have ever seen. The Milky Way, Mars, dying stars – they were all close and bright in a way I have never experienced. There was no moon visible to mute the brightness of the stars. I was in awe of the beauty on this Earth – I wonder what those people 800 years ago thought when they looked at those same stars.

Today I headed north, stopping at Natural Bridges National Monument and doing some short hikes because the rain was threatening. Shortly after I got back in my car the thunderstorm struck, with a clap of lightning so close that it I could feel the electricity!

I continued my drive through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in intermittent rain to Capitol Reef National Park. I am camped in my car listening to the rain on the roof. I am hoping it clears for my explorations tomorrow.

Please go away rain!!


9 thoughts on “Circus Trip 2018: Rain rain go away

  1. So hoping to get to Hovenweep. Capital Reef is my absolute favourite and your mention of Mesa Verde and sitting out looking at the Milky Way brought back our trip there about 7 years ago.

  2. I went to Utah expecting hot desert weather and instead dealt with a cold snap where temps dipped into the 30s at night! It made for some cold tent camping, but some fond memories haha! 🙂 Glad you got to enjoy the stars though!

    • I am very much dealing with the same thing! Highs were in the mid-40s today at Bryce Canyon with lows in the 20s tonight! I wussed out and got a hotel here instead of camping! I am hoping to get down to lower elevations soon where it is warmer!

      • I did just spent another night in such cold weather; in my car. It was 21 degrees when I woke up in the morning! I was toasty warm under my blankets but my nose was cold, and as soon as I poked my fingers out – wow!

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