Circus Road Trip 2018: Comparisons

I am relaxing at camp in the Laurel Highlands region of Western Pennsylvania this evening, after a day of sightseeing.  I had a rest day yesterday, as I was tired.  I stayed around camp and wrote and relaxed.  Today I toured one of the iconic landmarks of this region – Fallingwater – a home designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It is probably his best known home. It is stunning!

So far I have set foot in the following states: Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota (new), Iowa (new), Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania.  When I say “new for me,” I mean this is the first time as an adult that I have been there.  I am not counting childhood road trips that I barely remember.

I have visited four National Parks, three of which were new to me: Glacier NP (new), Badlands NP, Mammoth Cave NP (new), Cuyahoga Valley NP (new).  I have also visited a lot of national monuments, national historic sites, national memorials, and other parks sites and several state parks – all have been really cool!

I have been reflecting a bit on the places I have seen and the experiences I have had and decided to do a comparison list. So far…

Camping: Least expensive – Wall, South Dakota (only 8 miles from Badlands National Park!).  Most expensive: Outside of Columbus, Ohio (I was not expecting that!)

Temperatures: Hottest – 98 degrees – Eastern Washington and Western Montana.  Coolest – 56 degrees – Rockwood, Pennsylvania.

“Welcome to” sign: Best – Montana (the design was beautiful).  Worst – Ohio (I never even saw a sign).

Tolls: Best – Everywhere except Pennsylvania (I didn’t hit any tolls until PA).  Worst – Pennsylvania! (driving on the turnpike for about an hour cost $16.65!!! I set my GPS to avoid tolls now.).

Mosquitoes: Best – South Dakota.  Worst – Kentucky

Best weather: Most places have been pretty good, just hot and muggy.  Worst – Lexington, KY. (A huge rainstorm got everything muddy.  I had to wash my shoes. And my legs.  And the tubs that hold my dishes (even though they were sitting on the picnic table!)).

Gas: Least Expensive – Ohio.  Most expensive – Pennsylvania.

Booze: Best – the sparkling Brianna wine from Four Daughters winery in Minnesota.  Worst – Buffalo Trace bourbon in Kentucky (I am so not a bourbon drinker!).

Anything else you think I should add to my best/worst list?  It is purely subjective, you know.  Enjoy!

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