Circus Trip 2018: One Month In

It is hard to believe, but as of today I have been on the road a month! I had my doubts about whether I would be able to last this long…

I am in Lexington, KY, waiting for my tour of the Mary Todd Lincoln house in Lexington, KY. It’s raining…

To date, I have stayed under a roof for five nights. Four in homes, and 1 in the living quarters of a horse trailer (think air conditioned RV if you aren’t familiar). The rest have been camping, with some combo of car sleeping and tent camping. The car beats the tent for comfort, as long as it isn’t too hot.

I have been having fun seeing everything, and have come to some realizations. This life of travel suits me (although the rain is tough when I am camping). Abraham Lincoln lived in an awful lot of places. I have been to five Lincoln home sites (not counting the White House) and still there are more.

I knew this, of course, but it is so hard passing up so many cool sites! There are so many places that deserve a whole week just on their own! If I did that though I would never make it home! Hmmm… Interesting idea.

I love meeting and chatting with people along the way. Getting book recommendations, learning people’s stories, sharing a little about mine. I think some people don’t know what to think about a woman wandering, with only this vague itinerary. But every now and again, someone just gets it! That is neat to experience.

I will never love bourbon. There is a lot of great wine around though!!

I do wish the rain would stop, and that all mosquitoes die. I shouldn’t really be complaining about the rain; it hasn’t been much of an issue. So far, no ticks – so someone above seems to be looking down on me. Happy middle of August!!

9 thoughts on “Circus Trip 2018: One Month In

    • Aww thank you! It has a few downsides, but it has mostly been extremely positive. I have gotten a little lost a few times, but my trusty GPS has been very helpful – except when some of these terrible Midwest roads knock the GPS off the dashboard repeatedly! Wild times fishing around under my feet to retrieve it!

  1. I’m glad the rain hasn’t gotten in your way too much. Here is an enticement for you — I have not been bitten by a mosquito in my neighborhood, and we’ve been here four years.

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