Atlanta 2018: Flying

Day 1, Sunday, January 21, 2018

It was January, and it was stormy…  As a result, I didn’t sleep well for the few hours of sleep I got before my flight.  It was very windy at my house, and I don’t sleep well in the wind.  Add to that the fact that I had to be on the 2:10 am shuttle!  Wow.  My flight out was at 6:30 in the morning, and it was a bumpy ride until I was over the Rockies.

I got to Atlanta, grabbed a late lunch/early dinner while still at the airport and then managed to navigate the subway downtown.  My hotel was right downtown, but about two blocks away from Peachtree Street so it was less expensive than some of the others.  They upgraded me to a suite, so I had a bedroom and living room, with two flat screen TVs!  I am not much of a TV watcher though, so that isn’t such a draw for me.  It was a historic hotel with a quirky inner courtyard with windows looking down on it, so it was a pretty cool place!

I got some snacks and a bottle of wine from a shop close to my hotel, and that was that.  That first evening was a very quiet and early night, since I was tired from being awake most of the night before!

Hotel: Hampton Inn and Suites, Atlanta Downtown

8 thoughts on “Atlanta 2018: Flying

  1. I love ATL …. though when we drove in and I saw 8 lanes of one-way traffic I freaked out. Never knew what a carpool lane was until then, either. I hope you visited the World of Coke!

    • That traffic made my ex have an absolute road ragey meltdown. I was glad to not be driving this trip. I did visit the World of Coke, but was less impressed than I wanted to be…

  2. Fun fact: ATL is the world’s busiest airport! I was in Atlanta less than two week ago and loved it. Between CNN, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Capitol, there’s plenty to see and do. I remember seeing that Ferris wheel..

    • I really enjoyed my trip and certainly didn’t run out of things to see, even without a car. It was a great trip! And yes, I did know it is the world’s busiest airport – it is huge!

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