Hood Canal 2017: Sand Dollars

Day 4, Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The day of our Independence had arrived. I got up fairly early, and seeing it was low tide, decided to go looking for sand dollars.  The Hood Canal is teeming with them, and of course, I only collect the dead ones.  If you didn’t know, live sand dollars are black; they turn white after they die. The sand dollars are fun to watch, in calm waters they tilt on their edge and are partially submerged in the sand, and kind of roll along.  You have to be patient though, as they don’t move quickly…

The beach at low tide

The tide wasn’t out quite far enough, so I had to go diving to get some sand dollars.  I can’t imagine why, but no one else wanted to go swimming that morning!  It was pretty cold, even on a sunny July day!  I’m determined though, so in I went.

After my sand dollar excursion…

After a shower, breakfast and a relatively lazy morning, we decided to do a quick, kid-friendly hike at Twanoh State Park. The trail heads along the creek for a bit before heading about 375 feet up the hillside. It intersects with an old road, so much of the trail isn’t that scenic, but it is a nice chance to stretch your legs and get some exercise in.  The hike is 2.3 miles round trip.

Nurse tree at Twanoh State Park


The mossy forest at Twanoh State Park

We also checked out the shoreline here, but there were quite a few people, so we didn’t stay too long.  You can pick oysters here if you have a permit, but I’m not sure if there are many within the limits of the park.  It is much better to just have a property with shoreline access where you can pick oysters right off your own stretch of beach.

After our hike, Lelani headed for home, and Brandon and his daughter had lunch and headed out too.  I relaxed a bit more on the deck with Brent and Rich, ate lunch and then headed for home.  Traffic was light and easy the whole way, because people were celebrating the holiday.  I love drives like that to finish off a long weekend getaway.




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