Changing Styles

I’ve been growing my hair out for the last 18 months.  It used to be an inverted bob that was really short in back, so it has taken some time.  I’ve found that over the years, my hair has become more naturally curly.

The inverted bob has meant that my hairstylist has had to keep cutting a bit shorter in front, to eventually get the front to be the same length as the back.  I think we are almost out of that phase!  Of course, yesterday’s haircut went a bit shorter than I ultimately want it, for the sake of evening out the front and the back.  But I am loving the easy style and the layers!

This photo is me a little more than a month ago on a trip to Atlanta, with the curls.

Me, curly-headed, in Atlanta


This photo is yesterday, right after having it cut, straightened and layered.  I love both styles, but the curls certainly take less time!


Me, straight-haired, after my cut


8 thoughts on “Changing Styles

  1. Both look lovely! 🙂 I’m growing my hair out as well. I was making pretty good progress, then went to the salon just for a trim. The very reckless hair stylist cut over four inches off! So now I’m trying to regrow all that!

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