Counting Days

I’ve been home most of the weekend, venturing out only a little because I have felt pretty crummy.  Oliver likes that.  He gets to snuggle up in bed next to me, or in his favorite kitty puff on a little table next to be at the computer.  He’s snoring…  Loudly.

His tumor is continuing to grow.  It’s gotten to the point where it is stretching his skin, making it obvious that something is there because it makes his fur look thinner there.  It doesn’t seem like it is bothering him yet though, other than the fact that he is much more content to snooze more of the day away.  His dementia symptoms are more obvious and pronounced too (he frequently seems confused if I am in another room and he can’t find me), but the vet says there’s no way to tell if that is related to his cancer or not.

He is still as loving as ever with me, and at times irritated and impatient with Coraline.  Granted, she still likes to chase him and annoy him, but she also smells his tumor and inspects that spot carefully while he is lying down.  I think there is certainly something to the research that says animals can smell tumors.

I don’t know how much time there is, but this weekend has been good time with him.



5 thoughts on “Counting Days

  1. Ah dear, he is lucky he has a kind, caring and loving owner. It is fascinating how some animals can smell tumours. It will be interesting to see what research eventually finds and whether it can be put to use such as early diagnosis of asymptomatic illnesses.

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