Rest in Peace Oscar…

I have posted here previously that my last several weeks were some of my hardest lately.  Work was horrible, and required long hours, nights and weekends.  It was really stressful.  On top of that…

A few weeks ago, I came home from an afternoon walk with a girlfriend to be greeted by Oscar in the kitchen, with a strange cry that let me know something was wrong.  When he let me pick him up, I knew it was bad.  Sweet Oscar is semi-feral; he wasn’t socialized as a young kitten and has always been extremely skittish about being picked up.  Not a lap cat…


That is not the food you are looking for…

Sunday night, September 17, I took Oscar to the emergency vet, where the vet found a perianal abscess.  She sedated him, lanced the abscess, gave him painkiller and antibiotic injections, and we headed home, thinking things would be looking up.

The next day he wasn’t getting better, so Tuesday morning we headed off to the vet again.  The bad news was almost immediate – he was in acute kidney failure.  There was no way to know if the abscess was caused by his immune system being compromised by kidney failure, or if the kidney failure was caused by the infection.  Maybe it doesn’t matter anyway.


Oscar (left) and Coraline (right) taking in some rays

Oscar got hooked up to IV fluids and for the next several days, received his fluids 24 hours a day.  After the first day, he started to perk up, and eat and drink.  He was looking a little healthier.  Unfortunately his blood work kept showing that his kidney levels weren’t improving.  If I pulled him off the IV, he would once again crash.  That’s no kind of life…

On Saturday, September 23, I made the decision to let Oscar cross over the rainbow bridge.  He was only 11 years old.


Oscar says, “Don’t Mess with Me…”

During his life, he usually ran away when strangers came over, or at best would watch them from a safe perch under the dining room table or on the stairs.  He liked to play with his toys, but would get nervous when the other cats crowded his space.  He needed a wide bubble, and things were always on his terms.  Over time, he mellowed a lot, and would approach me for pets in the kitchen, or when I was folding the laundry.  He loved to have his chin scratched, but always got nervous if you tried to use two hands.  But in his quirky way, Oscar was an absolute lover, gently nipping your ankle if you stopped petting before he was done.  He was sweet, and I miss him…


Oscar Sees Coraline for the First Time

It sucks that he didn’t get to grow old.  It sucks that the only time he ever sat on my lap was in the last moments of his life.  I do hope that he found Martini right away and is enjoying being healthy again.  And I hope that he gets all the pets and chin scratches he wants, even if it is only in the kitchen…


22 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Oscar…

  1. Oh I am so sorry. Oscar had been lucky to find you. It is awful when you hit a bad patch, but as they say, nothing lasts for ever, even the bad times. Wishing you better times.

  2. I’m so sorry about Oscar. I lost one of my cats to kidney disease this year. It’s so tough to let them go but it’s comforting to know that they’re not hurting anymore.

    • Thank you Anatoli. I do miss him, and I am glad he’s playing with his sister up there somewhere, but it has hit me hard because it was so unexpected. Not that you are ever ready, but I wasn’t ready…

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss and I know first hand that our pets are so much more than pets and become family. I had to say goodbye to two of my dogs and had to do what was best for them in the end but I do miss them every day. Many hugs my friend, let’s connect soon. Miss you and hope you are ok until I can catch up on what has happened.

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