This is a photo of me in Hawaii this last May.  You may have noticed that neither of the men that I am with is my husband.

Unfortunately, my marriage ended this year, because sadly, you cannot make someone love you or treat you with respect, you cannot make someone keep the promises they made to you, and you cannot save someone who does not want to be saved.  All you can do is set your own boundaries, and prevent yourself from going down with the ship.

War stories? Yeah, I have a bunch. Some of you have heard them in all their ugly detail as I weathered the storm, but I have no interest in reliving those memories.

Neither of the men in the photo is my boyfriend, or my rebound.  They are dear, old friends with whom I have been blessed to do some traveling.  They are among the small group of dear friends and family who have helped me get through this.  Who have helped me to relearn that I am enough, just as I am.  For those of you in this group, I am eternally grateful to all of you.

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”  – Louisa May Alcott


8 thoughts on “Onward…

  1. So pleased to read you have had supportive friends. It is a difficult time, but sometimes a marriage just can’t be saved. I know not everyone understands that, but 23 years ago this month I had to leave my husband to protect my baby daughter from his alcoholism. Five minutes ago he was messaging me about his pension! He has been dry for nearly two years and we are now very long distance friends. It is all far from perfect, my daughter does have a relationship with him although not close. Everyday life is messy and complicated and as you have learnt you are enough just as you are. Wishing you all the best for your new future. Agnes

    • While we didn’t have children, the rest of your story is very familiar to me. I am glad to hear that you were able to bounce back and make a good life for your daughter. Yes, life rarely turns out the way that we expect it to – that has been a lesson that life has been teaching me for all of my years. Thank you.

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