Girls Soothe the Soul…

Last weekend I headed down to Seattle with an amazing group of women, to meet up with even more amazing women (about 12 in all), for a night of fun girl bonding at my friend’s condo in downtown Seattle, complete with a spectacular rooftop garden.

The Seattle Skyline and the Big Wheel from the roof

We had dinner at Black Bottle, which was delicious, and I had a wonderful artisan cocktail called a Rootstock – and I have no idea what is in it because Black Bottle doesn’t have a current menu posted on their website.  Oh well, just keep it in mind if you find yourself at Black Bottle.  YUM!  The food was excellent too – small bites to share. I had deep fried olives, ahi tuna, hanger steak, fire blasted broccoli, salads, calamari, and whatever else got passed around.  All the dishes were awesome!

My Rootstock cocktail – delicious!

After dinner we headed back to the rooftop garden to drink sparkling wine, and yes, there *MAY* have been a bottle of Fireball passed around…  We laughed and there was silly lip-syncing going on – Rent! anyone?  I swear that wasn’t me – I don’t even know the soundtrack to Rent.  Or Moana…  And anyone who knows me knows that Karaoke is not my thing…

The weather was beautiful, although a little cool, but you can’t beat a night like that in Seattle in early June.

Space Needle Selfie


Me with the Space Needle


The Space Needle in the lowering light

Sadly, my girlfriend is moving away next month, but hopefully we can still keep up a girl’s night tradition.  Girls really are good for the soul…


The Space Needle after dark



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