Oliver’s Tumor

A week ago, Oliver had surgery to remove a fibrosarcoma from the space just behind his right shoulder blade.  Cancer.  Luckily, I noticed it when it was small, and took him in to have it checked out.

The surgery was invasive, but went well.  They had to cut out the tumor, along with pieces of three different muscles.  A cube about 2 inches on each side.  And then they sewed the muscles back together so he wouldn’t lose use in his shoulder and right front leg.

He looks a bit like Frankenstein, but has tolerated the recovery process well.  He is leaving his incision alone, and it is staying closed.  He is able to move around as he needs to, walking and running and jumping up on the bed by himself.  He only seems to favor that leg while going downstairs.

Oliver is clearly annoyed that I was looking at dog photos on the interwebs...

Oliver is clearly annoyed that I was looking at dog photos on the interwebs…

He will need regular massages in the future to make sure the tumor doesn’t grow back (I should have such a prescription!).

I am glad things went ok, as it was certainly stressful leading up to the surgery!  I worry about the furkids, and always hope that they live forever.  It looks like there’s still a chance with Oliver.  🙂

Happy weekend everybody!

12 thoughts on “Oliver’s Tumor

  1. Poor guy. Hope he has some great years ahead of him. Animals are amazing how quickly they heal. Our dog had surgery to remove tumors and they took all her spleen, half her liver, and she had a blood transfusion. She was released 24 hours after surgery! I thought I would have to carry her to the car but she was bouncing around- had to keep her from jumping up on things. I couldn’t believe it.

    • It is pretty amazing! That is a lot for your dog to just be bouncing around a day later!

      They only gave Oliver 3 days of pain meds so I thought his demeanor would change once that caught up with him. But nope. Just as cheerful and perky as ever. He just bounced right back.

  2. It’s so stressful when a beloved pet has a physical problem. You came through with your humor intact — loved the title under Oliver’s photo. I hope you have many years to enjoy Oliver.

  3. Hope Oliver continues his recovery. Agree with Anne above that it is very stressful to have a pet that needs complicated medical help. We knock on wood every time we hear someone’s take. Go, Oliver!

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