Beautiful Sunsets

I walked up to the University yesterday evening to watch the sunset.  It was beautiful!

Sunset at the University

Sunset at the University

The post-sunset sky

The post-sunset sky


It also made me reminisce on some of the other beautiful sunsets I’ve seen over the years.

The sunset turned a gorgeous pink later on...

Chincoteague Island, Virginia…



The Marina at Home


A stunning sunset at the Nehalem Bay Campground.

Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon Coast


Sunset at Gold Beach

Sunset at Gold Beach, Oregon Coast


A beautiful California sunset

Santa Monica, California


A spectacular Lake Michigan Sunset!

Sunset over Lake Michigan at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore


The Sunset at the Refuge was Fantastic

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, Willows, California

Sunset at Fort Casey

Sunset at Fort Casey, Washington


Desert Sunset

Saguaro National Park, Arizona


I know my future travels will add more beautiful sunsets.  Which one is your favorite? 


10 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunsets

  1. I can’t pick just one. I like the Saguaro since I have a thing for these lovely plants, Santa Monica since we just left there and I have many sunset photos from the beach, the red Oregon coast since the colors are so vibrant, and so on….

  2. The Saguaro National Park photo is my favorite, but all you shared are stunning. Always good to know the sun is there, even when it is shrouded in clouds. Keep on traveling and sharing many more sunsets.

  3. Love the colors in the Nehalem Park photo. Sitting out and watching a sunset is one of my favorite travel activities. Sunrises just don’t affect me the same way. I don’t know why, but they don’t.

    • It seems like the sunrises aren’t quite as spectacular. Although I do get some very nice ones from the deck off my bedroom from time to time! I love the Nehalem photo too! I almost missed it as the sun had set, and then I saw the stunning pinks in the sky. I set out quickly from our campsite to get over the dune to the beach quickly enough to catch it!

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