My Annual Pacific Northwest Winter Gripefest

Dearest Readers,

By the reports on the news, you might be wondering if the entire Pacific Northwest has flooded into the ocean. We haven’t, but pretty close. It has been raining for weeks. Straight. With. Almost. No. Break. (Except yesterday). We are always rainy this time of year, but we are currently above the already wet average for the month of December. It’s downright soggy.

I’m tired of the rain. Plus I’m tired of going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark, and I’m looking forward to the winter solstice which will at least mean the beginning of lengthening days. We probably won’t get drier days for a while though!

 I heard about you East Coasters who were getting unseasonably warm temps last week – I was so jealous! Yes, I’m sorry about your ski areas and all, but wandering around in shorts sounds so good right now! Who cares about snow sports when you can have wine on the patio!  But if you really want great skiing, come on out – they anticipate that our ski area will have reached the average snowfall for the entire year by this weekend. 

So while you might be dreaming of a white Christmas, I would settle for a dry Christmas. One in which the rain stops, even for just a little while.  A peek of the sun between the clouds would be a bonus.  And yes, I realize I’m just cranky, and I should get into the holiday spirit, and I will try to do so, just as soon as I kick this cold I have been fighting for the last week.  In the meantime, can I please have another glass of wine?  

The Grinch.  🙂


22 thoughts on “My Annual Pacific Northwest Winter Gripefest

  1. I hate to admit it as I like the rain this is even to much for me. But in my defense this is not the kind of rain I like. I like a soft rain that you can walk in with a nice wool sweater and not really get wet. Not this cold sideways soaker stuff.

    • Yes, I could go for that as well. It’s the rain where it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, you are going to come home soaked to the bone, that I hate! And it’s blowing out there again!

  2. Hoping you feel better very soon and you have a dry spell now and again to alleviate the sogginess. W2 is currently snow-covered but tomorrow it all turns to rain. We have farmers counting on this wetness, so I try to be patient. I too am tired of the darkness already and ready for the Solstice, wishing you the best for the holidays!

    • I’ve never been a skier – have gone cross-country a couple of times and enjoyed it, but I certainly don’t have a mad desire to go multiple times a year. One of these days I’m going to relocate!

    • Yeah – I’m sure the dreary days get old for the kids quickly! I’m glad they were able to enjoy some snow! It snowed about 10 miles north of here one afternoon last week, but none in Bellingham.

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