Virginia 2015: Headed Out…

Day 1 – Sunday, October 4, 2015

Our first day of vacation was the usual assortment of logistics and fatigue. Jon’s cousin got married the day before we flew out, so we were out late partying with family. We crashed at our friend’s house and he graciously agreed to give us an early morning ride to the airport. He had to be at work at 6 am, so we were up before 5 and left about 5:15 for our 8 am flight. Check in and security were smooth, which left us with plenty of time to get breakfast at the airport.

We flew direct from Seattle to Baltimore, and our flight was long but uneventful.

Somewhere over the U.S.

Somewhere over the U.S.

I did get to listen to the following classic exchange between a boy and his mother:

Boy: I have to pee.

Mother: You just went.

Boy: I farted.  That means I have to poop. 

While I wasn’t overhearing stories about the bowel movements of strangers, I even managed to get a little bit of sleep.  We arrived at about 4:30, just a few minutes ahead of schedule, and grabbed our bag.  Picking up the rental car went smoothly, a silver Nissan Rogue which we really enjoyed, and we made our way to Frederick, Maryland, an hour long trip over clear highways. Frederick was our home for the first two nights of our trip.

Our fatigue made for a quiet night. We got dinner at a brewery near the hotel – Barley and Hops.  I would have guessed that it is a chain, but their website says they are locally owned. Jon had Mahi Mahi fish tacos and the Francis Scott Key IPA; I had Maryland crabcakes with sweet potato fries and Citrus Slam Session Pale Ale. The food was good, the bartender was friendly, and the brewery was pretty quiet on a Sunday night.

A quick trip to Target for snacks ended our wild evening, and we turned in early to get some much needed rest.  The next day was going to be a busy one!


Car Rental – Alamo – Small SUV (We had a Nissan Rogue).  Surprisingly, that was the least expensive class of car for this trip!

Total driving distance on Day 1: 49 miles – Baltimore International Airport – Frederick, MD

Hotel for the night: Sleep Inn, Frederick, MD – The hotel was nice; one door to the outside was not working, which was a little inconvenient.  Breakfast was good, and it was quiet.


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