In Need of a Better Way

This weekend I drove down to Portland to see my family and go to my niece’s birthday party.  I was on my own for what is, on a good day, a 4.5 hour drive, since Jon was working this weekend.  Of course, the drive went almost immediately awry, and it took me 40 minutes to get out of town!  UGH!

Most of the rest went as expected, with the usual Seattle and Tacoma backups.  But then, just south of Olympia, traffic came to a dead stop.  The WSDOT truck drove by on the shoulder, and then moved into the lanes, sporting a sign that read, CRASH AHEAD, ALL LANES BLOCKED.  I had to decide right then to get off at an unknown exit, in a rural area.  Oh, and I did mention that my GPS picked that moment to freeze up!?  Joy…

I got off the freeway, and followed some other cars that I hoped knew what they were doing…  We paralleled the freeway for awhile, then crossed over to the other side, and drove for a couple miles through the countryside.  After about 10 miles, we made it back to an entirely empty freeway.  The rest of the drive was smooth sailing!

I know I was really lucky, because had I been another 100 feet further on the freeway, I would have likely been there for hours…  When is someone going to invent a teleporter?

You’ll be happy to know that the drive home was easy – just one brief Tacoma slowdown.


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