Winter Woes

I’m currently freezing, and I was freezing all day, and I am wishing that summer would come back…

The last couple of days have been relatively decent – it has been dry during the day with periods where the sun peeks out. That was not the case over the weekend though – Halloween was at best dreary, with periodic downpours during the day, and during prime trick or treating time. Not that I was out trick or treating, but I felt bad for the kids. Sunday offered a brief respite for my morning walk, but then devolved back into alternating drizzle and pounding rain. It made me sad…

The weekend was certainly a reminder that the long, dark, wet winter is upon us, even if we are technically still in fall. There will be months of near-constant clouds and gray, and inches and inches of rain to slog through. There will be weeks of going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark. And even if those weeks are brightened by cookies, holidays, social functions and wine, there is no way to get away from the gray and the cold.

I know I’m just whining, but perhaps I need to start planning a mid-winter getaway to someplace where the sun will soak into my skin and warm my bones.  That sounds like just the ticket…

Who else is already dreaming of spring?


10 thoughts on “Winter Woes

  1. It’s just starting to finally cool off in Northern CA and we loved the much needed rain so at the moment I’m enjoying it. Ask me again in a few months when the huge El Niño is supposed to hit 😉

    • El Nino for us last year meant months of unseasonably warm, dry weather. Since they are saying El Nino will be here again this winter, I’m wondering if perhaps it will be similar. I know we need the rain (and the snow in the mountains), but really I just want the sunshine!

      • I don’t know what to think of it either. They had all these predictions of massive rainfall to start in early fall- well, our fall was very warm. Then late fall for the rain, and now it’s January. I’m not sure this major rain effect is even going to materialize!

      • We definitely got massive rainfall last weekend! I couple of inches over 2 days for us, and one town in Washington had 6.58 inches for its two day total! That’s more than an average November – the whole month!

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