It Comes in Threes…

Surely you know that old saying.  Well, it’s true.  It happens when employees come into the HR office to tell us about their soon-to-be babies, it happens when employees resign, and it happens with unexpected bad news on the homefront.


In the spring, the ballast on the last of our three kitchen light fixtures failed, leaving us in the dark for kitchen duties.  Luckily, we have extremely long days in the summer, so it wasn’t a huge deal for a little while.  But with fall and winter on their way, we needed to get new lights, and the hunt for replacement ballasts began in earnest – and failed.  Nobody makes them anymore.  So we purchased three new LED fixtures, and my Dad installed them yesterday.  We have light!


The trees.  I posted last week about the crown of the tree that came crashing down onto our house and into our yard during an unseasonably strong summer windstorm.  Fortunately the most serious damage was a couple of scrapes on the siding, before the tree just littered our entire back yard with debris.  The Friday before Labor Day was spent hauling it all away after an arborist came to assess the remaining trees (all good) and cut it all up into (mostly) manageable pieces.  Done.


My computer…  More specifically, the hard drive on my laptop – my second hard drive failure in four years.  Why can’t they make anything that lasts anymore!  I’m getting fed up with this disposable culture we have.  But that’s a rant for a different time.  I was quite panicked because I hadn’t backed up my data since June – attempting to perform the backup last week was apparently the last straw that caused the hard drive to start giving up the ghost.  I had a fitful sleep while my laptop sat in the computer repair store before hearing from him Friday afternoon.  He was able to get all my data off, and most importantly, save the pictures from my Colorado trip in August, which were mostly what hadn’t been backed up!  I was so relieved!

So I do need to get a new computer at some point soon, but I will be getting all my pictures back on Monday, and can get back to work blogging about my Colorado trip!  Of course, in the meantime Jon and I have to share!

Meanwhile, Happy Sunday Peeps!  Hopefully, you aren’t experiencing any threes…



4 thoughts on “It Comes in Threes…

  1. Know your pain in the ballast department; our last house had a large kitchen with 5 sets of lights and we weren’t sure what we would do if all of those lights began to fail. Glad your tree concern wasn’t worse and that your photos are going to be available to you. I ‘found’ a camera I had put away for the move and discovered the cord didn’t remain with it; ordered a new one today so I can retrieve photos from it. Glad your kitchen is well lit as we go into Autumn!

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