Moab 2015: Red Rock Brewery SLC

After a day of hiking and sightseeing, what do you crave most?  If you said some good food and a beer, we have something in common!

After we wrapped up our visit to Antelope Island, Jon and I were tired and hungry. We made our way to our hotel for the night – The Plaza Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. I wanted to check out some of the historical sites downtown before we made the drive to Moab, Utah the next day!

The Plaza Hotel was great – I reserved a small queen room for $100, right next to the Mormon Temple and very close to several other historical attractions. The accommodations were good – the room was cozy, but were weren’t going to be spending much time there. We checked in, changed, and were on our way again to the Red Rock Brewery in downtown Salt Lake City!

Considering that it was a Wednesday night, we were unprepared for how busy it would be! They told us it would be a 25 minute wait, but it ended up being a little more than 45 minutes. Jon was not happy, and I was just plain hungry…  But we had walked the half mile there, so we didn’t have an easy option to just get up and go.

When we were seated we didn’t have to wait long for our server to take our order. I ordered the Amber Ale and a steak salad. Jon ordered the Elephino Double IPA and a Cobb Salad to eat.

Jon's Red Rock Brewery Elephino Double IPA - Not So Hoppy...

Jon’s Red Rock Brewery Elephino Double IPA – Not So Hoppy…

Jon's Red Rock Brewery Cobb Salad

Jon’s Red Rock Brewery Cobb Salad

My first beer was good, nothing spectacular but solid. My steak salad was excellent! Jon wasn’t happy with his first beer, an IPA – I actually liked it because it wasn’t super-hoppy, and because it had an elephant on the label (I can be swayed by such trivial things…).

My Steak Salad - along with my Amber Ale and Jon's Elephino IPA (he wanted me to finish it because I liked it more than he did).

My Steak Salad – along with my Amber Ale and Jon’s Elephino IPA (he wanted me to finish it because I liked it more than he did).

We each ordered a second beer – mine was a 5 oz Honey Wheat. It was horrible. It tasted like Pabst, or something similar. It was actually the worst beer I have ever had in a microbrewery – I was so disappointed. Jon on the other hand, loved his 20th Anniversary Imperial Red – it had all the hops he was craving.

As you can see by the photos, I’m clearly never going to make a career for myself as a food photographer.  I’m just always too hungry to do appropriate staging…

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel, vegged for a little while and hit the hay. We needed to be rested for a full day of touristing!

5 thoughts on “Moab 2015: Red Rock Brewery SLC

  1. I’d order the Elephino for the cute elephant on the label too.

    The last time I was in Salt Lake City (30 years ago?), alcohol was prohibited (I think all over the state). They got around it, however, by saying that it was okay in private clubs. And to belong to the private club, all you had to do was pay cover charge.

    • I’ve heard that about SLC – and yes, I believe it was statewide. They still have some interesting rules. Beer served on tap can’t be more than 4% ABV, but it is ok to serve a higher octane beer in the bottle. We haven’t visited a wine bar there, but am curious to see if they have some unique rules too.

  2. Utah has some weird laws that keep the alcohol content (ABV) of beer under 4%, even those at the brewery. Same for the beer you buy in the grocery store. It’s not tasty stuff, in my opinion. Seems silly that a brewery is limited to brewing “light” beer, even though they try to make it taste like an IPA, porter, stout, or whatever. We really hated that law!

    • Judy it seems they have provided a bit more leeway now. Beer on tap still has to be no more than 4% ABV (and in the grocery store) but breweries serve beer in the bottle that has a higher alcohol content. I agree it is silly – Porters, IPAs, Stout and the like really do need to have a higher alcohol content to taste “right” to me!

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