Kitten Contortionist…

Another long week means that I haven’t had time to post.  So I present this cute cell phone photo that I took of Coraline.  That’s Jon’s dresser that she managed to crawl under.  Even though she’s pudgy, she manages to fit in lots of tight spaces…

Coraline Under Jon's Dresser

Coraline Under Jon’s Dresser

It’s almost the weekend!

7 thoughts on “Kitten Contortionist…

  1. We discovered our Oscar under my dresser a couple of times when we thought she had grown too much to fit. The last time it took her longer to squirm back out and she quit hiding under there. Coraline is such a beautiful kitty!

    • Cora still manages to fit lots of
      places where i am shocked she can squeeze in. She goes under the china hutch too. I love how she peeks her head out and flirts with Jon. She loves him!

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