Breweries of Yakima

Bale Breaker Brewery:

After our overwhelming wine tasting fail, we took a rambling drive though the countryside to Bale Breaker Brewery – which was happily open. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon and there were about 4 other groups of people drinking beer. I ordered the sampler, and Jon ordered an IPA.

My sampler had four beers, which I have rank ordered from most favorite to least favorite:

  • High Camp Winter Warmer – Malty and hoppy, with a light spice.  It was made with Cascade, Centennial and Mosaic Hops.
  • Kiln Series #003 – Imperial IPA – This beer had a slight bitterness on the roof of my mouth and back of my throat.  It was not as hoppy at the Topcutter IPA.
  • Field 41 Pale Ale – This beer has crisp flavors of grapefruit, with bitter hops.  It is made with Simcoe and Ahtanum hops, and is named for the field planted right next to the brewery.
  • Topcutter IPA – This very hoppy beer is made from Simcoe, Ahtanum, Citra and Mosaic hops.  It is named after the machine that removes the hops vines from the trellis they grow on.
My Bale Breaker beer sampler. L to R: Field 41 Pale Ale, Topcutter IPA, High Camp Winter Warmer, Kiln Series #003 Imperial Ale.

My Bale Breaker beer sampler. L to R: Field 41 Pale Ale, Topcutter IPA, High Camp Winter Warmer, Kiln Series #003 Imperial Ale.

I enjoyed the beers, but they were all very hoppy (that’s definitely the trend lately, at least in Washington beer), and I would have liked them better if there were a couple that weren’t quite as bitter. Oh well – it was worth it because Jon really liked his.

It was nice just to be able to sit and relax and enjoy a beverage. They had some good music playing and the brewery was dog friendly; I would certainly go back again. But if the folks at Bale Breaker are reading this, maybe you could brew an Amber Ale?

Yakima Craft Brewing:

Yakima Craft Brewing has been around since 2007, with their first batch of beer in 2008. I have had their beer before and I knew they had an Amber Ale. Plus, we were getting hungry by the time we left Bale Breaker after 5 pm, and the Yakima Craft tasting room in downtown Yakima has food too. We headed back into town to check it out. We had to circle the block a couple of times to actually find the tasting room, because it is a little hidden (a narrow storefront in a big block) and then finding parking was more difficult than I thought it would be. But eventually we made it and settled in.

I ordered a 1982 Amber Ale (delicious as always) and Jon got a Bad Monk. We both had bison burgers. I really wanted to love my burger, but unfortunately, it was a little overcooked. Not terrible, but not as good as a local, grass fed bison burger should be. We chatted and people watched, and the place filled up after a little while. My only gripe was they need more solid tables; ours was pretty wobbly. That said, I liked the atmosphere and will go back again.

So, that was our day in Yakima. At least we ended on a good note!

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