A House and a Mouse…

Well, Peeps, I’m learning new skills. In addition to having knockout HR skills, I am an expert wine drinker, history enthusiast, travel blogger and now… mouse assassin.

It all started a few months ago when Oliver started staring at the wall in our family room. It happened a couple of times, and I would turn off the TV, and listen where he was looking, and I never heard anything. Eventually he stopped doing it, so I just thought he was a little crazy. He is getting old…

Well, Saturday, he went to a different section of the wall and started staring. UGH! I heard something this time! It totally freaked me out! Eventually I got over my terror and Jon and I did some sleuthing.

We can’t find any evidence that whatever it is has been in the house. No droppings, no chewed packages, and with 3 cats, it probably isn’t very likely that any animals have been inside, but you never know. We peeked in the attic, where we were greeted with a ton of fluffy, loose insulation – the kind that is intended to be fluffy and loose. And no signs of disturbance; at least as far as we could tell…

We went down in the crawl space (our crawl space is actually more of a stand space), and peeked around. Bingo! Mouse turds. And a mouse skeleton on an old mousetrap, left by the previous homeowner. YUCK!

I researched mouse trapping techniques (and rat trapping techniques, before I figured out that it is probably just mice – thank god because rats are way scarier). And then Jon and I went down into the crawl space with gloves and peanut butter and set our traps. I checked the traps this morning before heading off to work – total mouse carnage! Every trap that I set but one had a dead mouse body in it…

Tonight after work I went to the store, where I stockpiled mousetraps, painter’s masks, rubber gloves, and a small jar of the cheap peanut butter. And then I baited and set my traps… 20 more (Dad said that might be overkill, but I’m not taking any chances).  And we went around the crawl space and pried last night’s stiff mouse bodies off the traps and set them again.

26 traps are currently set…  I’m ready for Mouse-A-Geddon. And Oliver? I’m sorry – I’ll never doubt you again…

World War Mouse Body Count: 5 (day one)

14 thoughts on “A House and a Mouse…

  1. We had a similar situation with our dog, where she was sniffing in one place all the time, and we couldn’t figure out why – finally, we did realize that it was a mouse. But it was only one ( yes, we did use a trap to get rid of it)…

    • I am seriously hoping that it was just this little family of five, and they are all gone now… But I’m sure that’s not the case.

      Strangely, I’ve heard a couple of loud crack noises that I’m sure are probably either pine cones hitting the deck, or the raccoons playing outside, but I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t the snap of the traps underneath me… So creepy!

      • Yes, that is no fun. Buy the way, I think your cats should do a better job – with the cats in the house, you should have no need for any of the traps…

      • To their credit, I think they are, because I haven’t seen any sign of mice in the house (just heard them in the wall). The cats are all indoor cats, so they can’t get the ones in the crawl space… 🙂

      • I know right!? But we have a ton of raccoons and coyotes, and outdoor cats don’t live long around here… So what I really need is for the raccoons and coyotes to eat the mice!

  2. I sincerely hope that 20 traps is overkill. We have a trap under our kitchen sink, and about once a month, we will snag an unsuspecting visitor. I try hard never to think about how many siblings she left behind! Good luck.

    • I hope so too! So far so good – no dead bodies today! Either we got the 5 stupid ones and the rest have wised up, or we may not have had all that many. I’ll wait several more days before declaring victory though.

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    • Thank you – I figure that to be authentic, I have to share the good and the not so good. It’s not always good wine and travel all the time! Oliver has certainly enjoyed some treats over the last couple of days for his efforts!

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