Rain, rain… Enough already…

They say that the Eskimos have a huge number of words for snow.  Of course, that is a topic of debate, and Eskimo is an antiquated term now largely discarded in favor of Inuit.  But, my point?  Well, that may or may not be true, but what I do know is that Pacific Northwesterners have a ton of words for rain.

Precipitation, rain, drizzle, rainfall, driving rain, mizzle, mist, pour, pouring buckets, dumping buckets, spitting, raining cats and dogs, pelting rain, sprinkle, shower, deluge, pissing rain, torrential rain, drenching rain, light rain, heavy rain, bring the Ark over and let’s climb aboard rain.  Ok, I made that last one up – but I think we should start a movement and see if it catches on.  Whatever word you use, it has been raining here, is expected to continue raining, and I would like it to stop.

Last night I walked with a friend in a rain that alternated between a light rain and a drizzle, and eventually settled into a mist before it grudgingly stopped.  Today I went for a walk at lunch in a fine mist.  The rain is supposed to increase for the next couple of days too.  My walking clothes are all covered in a layer of fine mud around the ankles, and the house is filled with the lovely aroma of tennis shoes drying over the heater vent.

Please don’t tell me that we are having a mild winter here in the PNW, or that we recently had one of the driest January’s on record.  I know all that.  My perspective is my own, based on nothing other than the fact that several pairs of my gloves are wet and I have been constantly wiping my glasses.  Even when it isn’t raining, the sky is gray.  We are halfway through winter, and I am tired of the rain…

13 thoughts on “Rain, rain… Enough already…

  1. That is why people from the Northwest go to Hawaii in February. It has always been raining and it is always going to be raining. Flee.

  2. Ah yes – mizzle – recognised that one as I used to live in the West Country of UK also known for its wet weather and mizzle considered a Cornish word. Wonder what the equivalent word the good people of Bergen in Norway use?? Oh the joys of rain! I like the sound of Hawaii. 🙂

    • To be honest, mizzle is very rarely used around here, but was a topic of debate one day at work… We were trying to order the words for rain in order of lightest to heaviest rainfall… We were guessing it is more like drizzle or mist than heavy rainfall. Were we right? Hawaii does sound great – or Arizona!

  3. We definitely needed some of that coming down our way- not a drop of rain in January! I’m actually looking forward to the rain in the forecast for the next 4 days- well, mostly because we need it so badly.

  4. Our winter has been fog, a bit of rain, but mostly fog that soaks you through if you walk in it much and obscures everything further than your fingertips. Looking forward to some much nicer days despite being inundated with school work. Cheers!

    • And it has gotten better! The last several days, with the exception of a couple midweek, have been so beautiful! Sunny, and unseasonably warm! We went to Oregon for Valentines Day and sat outside on the patio at Anne Amie Winery with a sweater and no coat. Fabulous!

      • OMG! We were SO close on Valentine’s weekend! We stayed in Newberg, then went through Dundee, McMinnville and some outliers. We will have to coordinate before other holiday weekends to see if we will be in the same area. Hope you had a fantastic time.

      • OMG! WE were! We stayed in Newberg too! We went to the Bubbles Fest at Anne Amie on Saturday, and then wandered around McMinnville. Sunday we went to the Evergreen Aviation Museum, then to Chehalem and Anam Cara, and then Monday we stopped off at the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge before heading home. That’s crazy! And yes, it was a fantastic time.

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