Did Attila the Hun like hard apple cider?

A new cidery!  Jon and I stopped by my favorite antique store and fruit market on our way home from a weekend trip a couple of weekends ago.  I found an intriguing hard cider in the cooler, and took a bottle home with me.  The Attila “Scourge of God” Hard Apple Cider is brewed in Ellensburg, WA.  They are a brand new producer, and their first year’s production of 5,515 bottles is already sold out.  Luckily, their next release is due out in February!

This cider is made using fresh, Washington apples; perhaps I am biased but I think Washington apples are the best.  It is a light straw color, with a light effervescence.  It has a very dry, apple flavor, with only the faintest hint of sweetness.  It is a wonderful cider!  In fact, it was so good, I regretted offering Jon a taste, because then he wanted some of mine…

Attila "Scourge of God" Hard Cider

Attila “Scourge of God” Hard Cider

I have no idea how it got its name, but I’m sure it is a good story, and I’m positive that Attila the Hun wouldn’t have turned down a glass of this!  At least for now it appears their distribution is central Washington, the greater Puget Sound, and Portland, Oregon.  But Attila is getting rave reviews, so perhaps you will be able to find it in a larger market soon.  If you see it, be sure to grab a bottle – or a case!



12 thoughts on “Did Attila the Hun like hard apple cider?

  1. Washington apples are great, but don’t forget that the cider is made from absolutely different and unique varietals, which are not suitable for general consumption (way too acidic). But by all means, the ciders are up and coming and definitely worth oenophile’s attention.

    • That’s certainly true in some ciders, but I do know some that are made from the sweeter and tart eating varieties. Finn River uses Granny Smith and Pink Lady for some of theirs, and there is another that uses Honeycrisp. This one didn’t say what kind of apples they use. I am pretty excited about the new ciders that are coming out.

  2. Just tried a great hard cider…Indigeny Reserve in Sonora, CA. If you get there, I would recommend you try it out. Attila’s in now on my list if we get back up north.

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