The Treveri Cellars Sparkling Syrah Brut

Jon and I took advantage of the long weekend and took a brief trip over the mountains to Yakima.  We wanted to visit a few wineries and do some relaxing with our precious days off together.  One of the wineries I was excited about visiting was Treveri Cellars, one of Washington’s few sparkling wine producers.

But when we got there – they were closed for maintenance!  There had been no mention about this closure on their website, which was pretty disappointing.  It shouldn’t be that hard to give customers a heads up!  Big fail…

So instead of tasting the Treveri lineup, we just tasted one bottle that we managed to find in a wine shop on the way out of town.  The Treveri Cellars Sparkling Syrah Brut.  This wine is a non-vintage wine; truly a red sparkling wine, rather than a brut rosé.  It has a very light effervescence; the bubbles are much less pronounced than other sparkling wines.

On the palate, there are flavors of dark berries, along with a dry, yeasty tartness that is so important to a sparkling wine.  It is a unique wine that really came together well.  I really enjoyed it.  I just wish I had the opportunity to try their other wines!

6 thoughts on “The Treveri Cellars Sparkling Syrah Brut

  1. This is very upsetting – I had been in the similar situation, driving to visit the winery for 30 minutes with the whole family in tow, only to find that they are closed for renovation or so… But I’m glad you liked the wine – I can’t however, imagine meddling of the shiras flavor with the yeasty profile or a sparkling wine – very interesting.

    • It was pretty frustrating. Fortunately, we didn’t drive out of our way – we actually drove by it on our way to the first winery we wanted to visit, and noticed it then. The wine was very good, and it wasn’t even the one I was most interested in trying! Certainly something different than most sparkling wines.

  2. They did say on Facebook that they would reopen on Monday the 19th, on the 17th… not enough of an announcement, but that is actually why we didn’t go that weekend or we may have met without planning to.

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