Book Review: The Partly Cloudy Patriot

There’s nothing like the thrill of finding a book that you actually want to read at the thrift store.  And in good condition!

Although this is an older book of essays (published in 2002) by Sarah Vowell, I had been thinking of picking up The Partly Cloudy Patriot for awhile because I have liked her other books.  She is very witty and well spoken, with an extremely dry sense of humor.

It is a quick read, with essays on the Gore Vs. Bush Presidential election, and her hilarious (but likely true) opinions on why a nerd can’t win.  She also writes about her nerdy vacations, visiting Salem, MA, and her impressions on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (she is a Gen-Xer), in a series of chapter that will leave you smiling to yourself.

While there’s nothing earth shattering here, history nerds will appreciate her self-deprecating humor and her insights into U.S. politics, history and pop culture.  And if you are on a long-distance flight from Michigan to Washington, it should be almost enough time to read it from cover to cover.  And you can finish it, if you forgo the nap.




6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Partly Cloudy Patriot

  1. Unfortunately for us in Michigan, our current Governor ran his whole campaign as I’m a nerd, vote for the nerd. His kids produced ads saying what a nerdy dad he is. So, I guess millionaire nerds CAN win. Vowell is wrong about that, at least in State politics. So sad…..

    Hope your new job is going well so far.

    • Perhaps Sarah Vowell will write another book, this time about the nerd that won! Today was my first day at the new job – it was a few meetings and lots of stuff to read. Hopefully soon I won’t feel quite so lost. Thanks!

    • I’ve listened to a couple of her audiobooks; her voice is certainly unique and I love the dry delivery of the “punchlines.” I think Assassination Vacation is my favorite, but the Wordy Shipmates was pretty good too!

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