Warm Kitty, Fuzzy Kitty

It has been so cold this week!  I know some of you are dealing with temperatures far colder than we are, but for me, these temps in the 20s and 30s are brutal!  So to keep warm, I give you these photos of my warm, fuzzy kitty.

Coraline loves her feather toy

Coraline loves her feather toy

Coraline is just a wee bit pudgy

Coraline is just a wee bit pudgy

Bundle up Peeps!  It is almost the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Warm Kitty, Fuzzy Kitty

      • Dragon on the other hand smothers me at night, so I have to lock him out of my room. Oscar is only recently considering our bed her favorite napping spot… not sure she would stay in the bed very long at this point.
        Glad she sleeps with you.

      • Too funny! Coraline doesn’t smother; she likes to cuddle up on my side, or in between my legs so she can make it really difficult to roll over! Our Oscar isn’t much of a bed kitty either, although he has a puff on our bedroom chair that he absolutely loves. He goes to bed early every night and sleeps in that puff. Isn’t it interesting how they all have their own quirks and preferences!?

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