Oliver and the Wall

Oliver has developed two new fascinations lately.

He LOVES the new diet cat food that Coraline is eating.  Yep, she’s chubby, he’s not, but he goes Cuckoo for diet food Cocoa Puffs!

And his second fascination?  This spot on the wall.  I can’t find a bug there, or any light reflection.  Nope, it is just a blank wall.  But he will get on the back of the armchair and stare at it…  Several times a week!  Perhaps he’s found a ghost…

Ollie Found a Ghost

Ollie Found a Ghost



6 thoughts on “Oliver and the Wall

  1. interesting that it is a spot on the wall, up high. There must be something there, I would think. After our dog started paying lots of attention to one particular spot in the kitchen, we found a mouse living there…

      • well, it would be interesting to get into his head.. Didn’t mean to make you worry, but would be curious to hear the continuation of the story 🙂

    • Of course! He had some bloodwork on our last visit which indicated slightly elevated kidney levels. He has to have a recheck in a couple of weeks. With my luck, he will be prescribed the kidney function cat food and won’t like it… Even though it is the same brand as the chubster food!

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