Chelan Gold Hard Cider

Jon was craving a hard cider the other night, so he picked this cider up at the store – it was made by Lake Chelan Winery.  Chelan Gold is produced in Chelan, WA, east of the Cascade Mountains, in one of the state’s up and coming wine producing regions.  Chelan and the surrounding area are also widely known for apples.

This cider has a bright, golden straw color and a light aroma of apples, and it is still – there’s no carbonation.  On the palate, it has a light flavor of apple, but something is missing.  It seems stale… How do you describe the quality?  Oh yeah… Meh…  Perhaps it was the stillness that wasn’t doing it for me, but I just wasn’t all that impressed.  At 7% ABV, it is a nice balance of alcohol for a hot, summer day though.

The cider does come in a neat bottle with one of those reusuable flip-caps.  I suppose when that is the most interesting thing about a cider… well, enough said.  And I apologize, but it occurs to me that I have no idea what these caps are called.  I think this one is purely decorative, because I couldn’t figure out how to cap the bottle with it.  And it can’t be that I just don’t know what I’m doing!


So, at any rate…  It was a perfectly drinkable cider, but there was nothing there to wow me or knock my socks off.

Have you had Chelan Gold Hard Cider?  What did you think?  And do you know that those caps are called?




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