Just Give Me the Wine!

I’m clueless…

Jon and I went wine tasting today after I finished up at a conference.  As we bellied up to the bar and began our tasting, we noticed that something was going on.  The next couple down from us held some strange fascination for the tasting room staff.  They kept asking to take photos with them, and this gigantic, sparkly ring.  I thought they must be newlywed friends of the tasting room employees.

But more interesting, they were drinking wine out of champagne flutes.  So, of course… I asked what they were drinking!  Who cares about the people, I wanna know what wine they have!

As it turns out, the wine was a Pinot Grigio sparkling wine, and our server gave me a pour of it, even though it wasn’t on the tasting list.  It was delicious!  I was sold!  I don’t think I’ve ever had a sparkling wine made from Pinot Grigio, and this one was great; a dry sparkler with a hint of sweetness.

We finished up our tasting and purchased our wine (including the sparkler).  As we got into the car, Jon told me that the guy was a Seattle Seahawks football player; and the ring that was being passed around among the staff was his Superbowl ring.

Eh… whatever… I’m just glad it got me a taste of that fabulous wine!  I have priorities…  And don’t ask me which player it was; but Jon didn’t know either.

Happy Friday Everybody!

8 thoughts on “Just Give Me the Wine!

    • Thank you! There are some Seahawks players I would recognize (I think), so he was obviously not one of the more famous ones. Jon was getting annoyed on his behalf – Jon would never make a good celebrity! 🙂

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