Lost Coast Brewery: Tangerine Wheat Beer

Tonight I’m settling back into life at home.  Jon and I got home today after a whirlwind trip down to the Rogue River Valley in Southern Oregon.  We had a blast visiting the Oregon Caves, Crater Lake and doing some wine tasting and shopping.  I promise to blog about it once I’m all caught up on my Southwest trip.

As I contemplate folding laundry, I’m sipping the Tangerine Wheat Beer by Lost Coast Brewery, in Eureka, California.  Since we were so close to California on our trip, the stores carried some of the California microbrews that we don’t see at home.  I’m a sucker for fruit/wheat beers, and this one piqued my curiosity.  On the nose, I pick up lots of tangerine scent, along with a malty smell.  So far, so good.  On the palate though, I’m disappointed…  I can definitely taste the tangerine, but the beer tastes flat, even though it isn’t.  There is a bitterness on the finish that overpowers what a fruit and wheat beer is supposed to be.  There just isn’t a lot of depth to it, and I keep feeling like it has a stale taste.

The Little Beer That Almost Could

The Little Beer That Almost Could

They do get points for a super-cute label though!  I know I can’t like them all, but I really wanted to like this beer.  Ah, well, it is still a cold beer on a hot sunny day.

Have you ever had any of the Lost Coast Brewery’s lineup?  What did you think?






4 thoughts on “Lost Coast Brewery: Tangerine Wheat Beer

  1. I just brought in the Tangerine and Great White 6 packs into our store last week. They have sold so well that I didn’t get to try them. The Raspberry Brown is in our bomber set and is moving well too. I think our customers are excited about something new to try. It will be interesting to see if we get repeat business for these. Looking forward to trying them. Hopefully won’t be disappointed. Thanks!

    • I’ll be curious to see what you think about it, when you do get to try it. The Raspberry Brown sounds interesting too! I haven’t seen it around here, but I’ll have to keep an eye out!

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