The Curse of a Large Deck…

I haven’t felt this tired in a very long time…  After nine and a half hours prepping, cleaning and painting the deck, I made dinner and then we collapsed in front of the TV.  I will be lucky if I can ever stand up straight again, I still have Balsam (a light sage green) paint and primer all over one leg (even after my shower!) and I’m guessing we probably ingested some paint in our dinner.  And after all that, while we made very solid progress, we are probably half way done – we have a very large deck…

So, more deck fun tomorrow!  And a big thank you to Jon’s Dad.  He Rocks!

Before and after pics soon…  I promise!  And if anyone wants to help – we won’t turn you away!




5 thoughts on “The Curse of a Large Deck…

    • Probably, although our yard is pretty woodsy, so you would have to be standing on it or in the back yard to be gazing upon it… I love it – it was certainly one of the selling points when we bought the house but it is not fun when it comes to maintenance time!

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