2013 Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc

Temperatures have been back up in the 80s this week – leading to some hot walks  and some high heat while working on the deck after work.  Which means it quickly becomes time to cool off with a nice chilled Sauvignon Blanc.

Jon opened up a bottle that we bought at Costco without knowing anything about it.  Jules Taylor 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, from Marlborough, New Zealand.  Here’s what the Jules Taylor website has to say about it:  “A delightful light lime in colour, this wine is showing aromas of fruit salad, passion fruit and fleshed nectarines with underlying notes of jalapeno peppers and vine ripened tomato stalks. With its well defined backbone of acid this mouthful of goodness rolls out to a long dry finish.”


Perhaps it was the trip across the pond that changed the flavor, but I didn’t get any of that.  Here’s how I would describe it.  The color is more a golden, sunshine yellow.  On the nose, this wine has a heavy, grassy aroma.  On the palate, it is full of crisp acid, and lemongrass flavors.  Delicious – but nowhere near jalapeno or nectarines aromas for me!

It was harvested in April 2013, and aged 4 months before bottling.  It is 100% Sauvignon Blanc with 13.5% alcohol.

If they still have it when I’m next at Costco, I will certainly pick up another bottle!

Have you tried this wine?  Whose description did you agree with more?




2 thoughts on “2013 Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc

  1. I think they have to fire their PR agency, or whomever is writing their label – they don’t know where to stop trying to show how different they are.
    At the same time, your description is spot on for what you would expect from the NZ Sauvignon Blanc – I would prefer to read your description instead of “Jalapeno and nectarine flesh”…

    • I think that must be it – a PR attempt to provide some intrigue. That said, if I had read their description before purchasing the wine, I probably would have put it back in the bin! Nectarine, ok, sure, but Jalapeno in a Sauv Blanc!? Yuck!

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