SW National Parks Trip: Onward to Santa Fe

In my last post, we were heading out from Chaco Culture National Historical Park, along the very rough, very bumpy road.  On the way out, it was much less nerve-wracking, because we knew we could make it, but that didn’t make it any easier on the joints.  Our joints or the joints of our teeny-weeny, rental car.  As we bumped along, I saw a hubcap lying next to the side of the road, and I have to admit, it freaked me out.  I made Jon stop the car so we could check and make sure that we had all of our hubcaps.  We did – insert sigh of relief here…

A view of the mountains on the way to Santa Fe – maybe the Jemez Mountains?

A view of the mountains on the way to Santa Fe – maybe the Jemez Mountains?

Once we were back on the road we enjoyed some views of the mountains in the distance – maybe the Jemez Mountains?  And we stopped for what became known on this trip as a C&C.  Now, normally I don’t post about all the lame, boring meals we get in various places – you know – the quick road food.  But my mom has apparently been getting the idea that we always eat these amazing meals everyplace we go.  Except for breakfast – she knows we typically have the free breakfast at the hotel.

So anyway, back to the C&C.  We go hiking in the National Parks, and we make a lunch of easy travel food – bananas, nuts, granola bars, etc.  We always try to have some protein, because hiking can be strenuous and you certainly don’t want to collapse due to lack of calories when you are halfway up a mountain.  But for some reason, nuts don’t keep me full.  We had the same meal at Chaco Culture, huddled in the car to protect ourselves from the wind, because it was too cold to get out and eat at one of the picnic tables.  But, like other days, by about 3 pm, I was starving!  And when I am starving, I get cranky.  And I don’t mean that I get a little bit snarky here and there.  I mean, people could DIE…  Jon’s a pretty smart guy, so he has learned (it did take him a couple of near misses on his life) that it is in his best interest to feed me.

The C&C was born.  We head to the nearest McDonald’s so I can get a kid’s size cheeseburger to hold me over until dinner.  And Jon gets a C&C.  Coffee and a cone (as in vanilla ice cream cone).  So there, now you know.  Travel with us isn’t all about the glamour…  Ha!

How about you?  Do you have any travel habits that you will admit to?


4 thoughts on “SW National Parks Trip: Onward to Santa Fe

  1. We have an In-n-Out burger about 3 miles from our house, but we never go there. We just don’t do fast food hamburgers usually. But the minute I’m on a highway west? In-n-Out is on my radar! I wait until we get across the California border, and then OMG it’s the best thing ever. 🙂 I have a name for that kind of hungry. I call it grumpy hungry. E has learned that if I get grumpy hungry, he better find a solution very quickly. 🙂

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