2011 Va Piano Bruno’s Blend Sauvignon Blanc

After some busy days at work, and some unseasonably hot weather in the Pacific Northwest, I was ready for a cool, crisp white.  It was over 80 degrees for several days in a row and really humid, and we were heading out for half marathon training after work in the heat of the day.  Add to that the mosquitoes, and you definitely need to relax with a nice Sauvignon Blanc after your shower.

That leads me to Bruno’s Blend, a Sauvignon Blanc produced by Va Piano Vineyards in Walla Walla.  We got it on our February 2013 trip over there, and it seemed time to crack it open.  It is mostly Sauvignon Blanc, but it is blended with a little bit of Riesling – I’m not sure of the exact percentages.

Mine was a 2011, but you get the idea...

Mine was a 2011, but you get the idea…

I poured some into my glass and at first whiff, I was a little freaked out because it smelled really alcohol-ey and I was worried that it might be past its prime.  Uh oh!  My very first sip also contained that high-octane alcohol flavor, and I was sad.  But the taste immediately mellowed into a wonderful crisp lemongrass flavor and tart green apple with just a hint of melon.  Delicious!

Va Piano really knows their stuff; they make some excellent wines.  You can check out my post about our visit here.  And this wine is no different – a great wine that really stands out.  And there’s one more great thing about this wine – a portion of the proceeds from sales of Bruno’s Blend go to a non-profit organization.  If you have the chance to try it or other Va Piano wines, I hope you will let me know what you think!

Happy Friday!


12 thoughts on “2011 Va Piano Bruno’s Blend Sauvignon Blanc

  1. I don’t know how you went for a run in the heat/humidity! Good for you. The wine sounds wonderful, and a well deserved reward for training in the heat. 🙂

  2. Love their wines; feel fortunate to live so close to the winery now. Such a beautiful vineyard and winery! Wondered what your temps were like – we were 104-106 last week. Glad you enjoyed your bottle of SB.

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