How to Open a Screw Cap Wine

Ever since the wine world has been shifting to screw cap wines, I have had a big problem.  I can’t open them.  I just don’t have the grip strength to do it.  They have those rubber jar opening aids, but I never remember to buy them when I’m at the store.  So, I do what any self-respecting weakling does.  I have Jon open them for me.

This usually works, but Jon frequently works evenings.  And that means if I don’t already have a bottle open, then I have to choose a bottle with a cork.  This limits my selection of white wines lately!  And it is summer!

But, I finally complained to the right person!  Jon and I were chatting up an Oregon tasting room server a little while back, and I expressed how frustrated I get with those screw cap wines.  And he showed me the trick!  And it is so easy!

So in case there are others out there that don’t know the trick, like I didn’t, I thought I would share my new found knowledge.

My mistake was that I was just gripping the cap and trying to twist it off.  Like this…

Don’t do this…

Don’t do this…

And that wasn’t working.  Because I needed to be gripping the entire metal neck, not just the cap.  You twist the entire metal piece and it pops right open!

Grip it like this!

Grip it like this!


Works like a charm!  How did I go so long without knowing this!


12 thoughts on “How to Open a Screw Cap Wine

  1. I’m old and old-fashioned, so I find a serious lack of charm in a twist off bottle of wine — or even one of those new fangled easy-to-use cork removers. I like the old, difficult-to-use and the-cork-always-breaks wine keys — the kind we used when I was a restaurant server in the 80s. But knowing that I need to get with the times, I appreciate the twist top hint.

    • I’m coming around to the screw cap. It is particularly handy when you are traveling and you have forgotten the corkscrew (again) and you don’t want to buy another cheap one to add to the collection. I never could master those key corkscrews either. And by newfangled – do you mean the ones like the Rabbit? I have never actually been able to figure out how to work that thing! Jon can do it, and likes it, but I can’t figure it out. I like the corkscrews that you screw in and push down on the arms.

      And don’t get me started on those fancy new can openers that are supposed to crimp the sharp edge. I can’t do those either! Really, it seems I’m inept all around when it comes to opening things! 🙂

      • Right — the rabbit — that’s what it’s called. The ones with the wings that come down.

        You’re right about the convenience of screw tops. On trips, it’s great not to have to carry a corkscrew around. And now that the better wine are doing it, it isn’t a given that opting for a screw top wine means drinking the bad stuff.

      • The Rabbit has kind of a lever thing at the top and two arms that go around the neck and grip it. The ones with the wings – I don’t know what they are called, but that’s my favorite. There are certainly better wines that are opting for screw caps lately – my favorite winery in Oregon, Chehalem, is all screw cap now… And now that I can open them – well Yay!

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