Ringing in Summer

It’s a good thing I’m really not all that sentimental.  Because Jon lost his wedding ring.  Now before you get all worked up about it, you must understand that he lost it a long time ago.  I can’t even remember how long ago.  Probably more than a year.  But on the flipside, this was his second wedding ring.  The first one was lost for the first time at our wedding reception (I kid you not) and he lost the first ring for good a few weeks later.  We have not even been married for four years yet!  But anyway, back to the second ring.  I have been pondering getting him a new (third) ring, certainly something cheap, but I hadn’t gotten around to it.  Clearly I have some issues with procrastination.

Fast forward to today.  Jon asked me to vacuum the house.  Usually he takes care of this chore, but I’m off for the weekend and he was working.  So I tackled the job with gusto.  I vacuumed dust bunnies, sucked up cobwebs in the window sills, moved the furniture to get underneath, and vacuumed between the cushions…  Vacuumed between the cushions…

And out fell, from the chair he always sits in to watch TV, Jon’s ring.  Just in time for our upcoming anniversary.

I guess we can now say with certainly who is the more thorough cleaner…  🙂


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