Happy Birthday Biz!

27 years ago today the world was blessed with a gangly bay foal, who grew up into a gangly, bay horse.  My Biz.  You have offered me joy, laughter, sadness and tears for more than 24 years.  You have given me enough memories to treasure for a thousand lifetimes.  You have been often foolish, occasionally smart, and usually lucky all these years.  You have comforted me in times of trouble, and I have comforted you.

Although you are now old and going gray, and I know that I can’t possibly wish for another 27 years, I hope I get as many as I can.  Life with you has never been dull, and has taught me an enormous amount about love.  My cup runneth over.

Happy Birthday Biz!


Biz and Me, Back in May

Biz and Me, Back in May


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