The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Jon and I took some time on Saturday to make a trip down to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  If you are from this area, you either love it or you hate it – or some of both.  Because although the flowers are beautiful, and make for some excellent photo opportunities, they also produce some of the worst traffic jams north of Seattle.

Jon and I got there before lunchtime, and while we did experience some traffic back up as we made our way out to the fields, it was ten times worse for the poor folks that we saw heading out on our way back.  A line of cars several miles long.

We visited RoozenGaarde, a family farm that was founded by Dutch immigrants William and Helen Roozen in 1955.  It has grown from a 5 acre farm to over 2,000 acres in the Skagit Valley, with about 1,000 acres dedicated to the production of tulips, daffodils, and irises.  Fun fact: Even though the Skagit Valley is famous for its tulips, there are actually more daffodils grown there!

The RoozenGaarde display garden is 3.5 acres, and each year it is planted with an incredible 1/4 million bulbs – tulips, daffodils and muscari.  ONE QUARTER MILLION!  It makes my back hurt just thinking about it!

I would love to have a garden full of tulips, but unfortunately the resident deer that do the rounds of my yard each day would be thanking me for the appetizers long before any tulip blooms appeared.  Sigh…  So, I will just have to enjoy the flowers in the display garden.  I hope you enjoy them too!

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10 thoughts on “The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

  1. Wow, gorgeous photos! I would love to come see them sometime. Unfortunately many of our spring flowers were hurt by a late season snow/freeze yesterday.

    • Ah… with a little patience, the traffic wasn’t too terrible. I’m glad we weren’t coming up from the south though – it was awful on northbound I-5! We drove further south to visit Katie and Brent after the tulips and it looked like a nightmare!

      • The funniest thing is Tom was in Everett for a massage therapy training workshop and ended up with some free time that night and tried calling Brent. I think it was so funny. If he had know he was going to have the night off he would have planned ahead and you all could have visited!

      • Too funny! I figured he would be busy with home stuff and we were going to be gone all day… It would have been good to get together! You’ll have to let me know when you too are going to be free some weekend!

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