A Cabernet Guessing Game

Jon had the day off today, and went to visit his parents – on his way home he stopped by the grocery store for a few staples.  Caffeine, cereal, wine…

I haven’t had much wine for the last couple of weeks, because I have been battling a horrible cold.  Early last week I was feeling better, but then a few days later, I started to feel much worse again.  After being awake most of the night coughing on Thursday night, and seeing the vivid colors Friday morning (sorry if you prefer a little less information…), I made my way in to the doctor, who told me this cold had settled into my lungs in the form of bronchitis.  Ugh.

Today, with the help of a ZPak and some codeine laced cough syrup, I’m feeling a lot better – not great mind you, but way better than I was, so I am sipping a glass of Jon’s mystery Cabernet from the Horse Heaven Hills.  I know nothing more than that at this point, so I’m planning to describe the wine, guess what it is and see how well I do.

On the nose:  Stewed plums.  Tobacco.

On the palate:  The acidity comes through on the very first taste.  Not much in the way of tannins.  Raspberry, tobacco, earth – kind of grassy.  More acidity on the finish.

Not a complex wine – better with food, but certainly drinkable.

My guess:  Columbia Horse Heaven Hills Cabernet Sauvignon – 2012.

It was actually:  The Expedition, Horse Heaven Hills Cabernet Sauvignon – 2012 – Canoe Ridge Vineyard.  Their description: Spiced floral aromas lead to layered, juicy flavors of red currant and smoky plum, with a deep, velvety finish.

How do you think I did?



4 thoughts on “A Cabernet Guessing Game

  1. Oregano oil is supposed to help with colds/viruses, the capsules seem to shorten the length of the awfulness. 🙂 I’m surprised you were able to guess anything at all. Well done! 🙂

    • Thank you! At this point I mostly have my sense of taste back. Usually colds don’t last very long with me – I’m pretty healthy. But I do have asthma, so occasionally I manage to get bronchitis after. Not fun!

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